Department of Chemistry

he Chemistry Department was estabished in 1961 . It is one  the scientific departments in the Faculty of Education - University of Khartoum ( Chemistry - Phiysics - Biology - Mathematics and Home Sciences ).
Teaching staff members at the department are well
- qualified and specilized in defferent branches of chemistry
( Physical - Organic - Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry).The Department has four teaching laboratories which includes : -
1- Physicical chemistry .
2-  Inorganic chemistry.
3-  Organic chemistry.
4-  Reseach laboratory.
The Chemistry Department offered courses in various branches of chemistry , leading to Bachelor Deagree ( Honour- 5 Years in Science and Education )   , Degree of Science (  M.Sc.) and  Degree of  Doctor of Pholosophy  ( Ph.D.)  in  different fields of chemistry . Currently the Department  is preparing programmes leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. by  courses instead of by Research .


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