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The history of the arts Department also noted artist Osman wagee allah , one of the pioneers of the arts that the Khartoum School started in the mid-forties, when focused students Gordon Memorial College (now University of Khartoum, for) their care for the detection of the aesthetics of calligraphy and used as components in plastic arts, has been luring the experience of some of the pioneer artists such as the artist Ibrahim Elsalahi and the artist Ahmed Shirin, has pointed out that "if the spouse" the first Dean of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts in 1951, and was perhaps the first to launch a school Khartoum on this movement. Khartoum School and then moved to the Institute of Technical Colleges (now University of Sudan). As part of the College of Education plan to update their programs need to be considered Department of Art Education, a separate entity in itself. Student is awarded the degree of Bachelor of honor in art education, and material practice studied by the student: free hand drawing and painting, ceramics, sculpture, calligraphy, design, industrial design and printing, textiles, graphics design.

1. Definition of total and applied arts and artistic taste and a sense of the values of beauty.

2. The preparation of cadres for the teaching of art education in the two phases of public education through skills training for the production of the artwork.
3. Employment of local materials by applied fields of Art Education Department.

4. Contribute to the activities of art education in the service of society through art exhibitions and seminars.

5. Working on the correct concepts of the role of knowledge in visual arts and keep up with the needs of learners and society.

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