Department of Special Education

The special education department   was established by Professor Mandoor Al Mahadi in 1976 under the umbrella of adult education department.
In 1993 it was integrated with the department of applied psychology for  lack of qualified staff members ,from 2005 the faculty of education carried out  a series of attempts to establish a separate department for the special education according to the international and local acts issued  to provide educational and social services for special individuals.
Beside that to face the raising demands of Sudanese society for the specialized personals in educating these individuals in different centers, institutes and special education schools which were spreaded all over the country.
The faculty of education appointed Dr.Salih Haroun, who was at that time one of the staff members of special education department of king Saudi University to design the educational program for training the specific needs students’ teacher.
The developed program was approved in 2007 by the senate of Khartoum University.
The altimate aim of the special education department is to prepare the student teacher   to work in educational institutions   that deal with specific needs students, in addition to that in aims to provide counseling services to the families of these individuals and caring out training course to regular classroom teachers to help them to handle the specific needs students.
Also it aims to aware the society about these special individuals.
The admission to the special education department takes the same conditions of Khartoum University; the students awarded the bachelor of special education after studying five years.
The current staff member consist of one associate professor and two assistant teachers and one teaching assistant studying abroad, there are serious attempts to recruit new staff members in the near future.

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