Ahmed Bashier al-Abbadi Primary School for Girls

About School:

Establishment :
• It was al-Shatti& Training School, considered as a lab for the Teachers College (previously), in 1994 it became part of UofK as per the Republican Decree, and named under Ahmed Bashier al-Abbadi in his memory.

Location :

Ahmed Bashier al-Abbadi Primary School for Girls is located in Omdurman – the Eastern part of (Ali Abd al-Fatah) housing Complex – and to the West of Khalifa House- and to the South of Omdurman Midwifery Hospital (Dayatt).

Eligibility Criteria :
1. The candidate should be a graduate of a Kindergarten, Kindergartens of Faculty of Education –UofK are preferable.
2. The age of the candidate should be 6 years of old, with the completion of Grade (2) of the Kindergartens.

• The School consisting (37) Class Rooms, where the average capacity of the class is (50) Pupils.
The Teachers :
• The teaching Staff is consisted of (50) teachers, both male and female, where some are seconded from the Ministry of Education and while others are personal contractors and the rest is contractors with the Educational Council.
The Syllabus :
• The School is performing in accordance to the syllabus of Khartoum State Ministry of Education.
The Academic Programme :
• The day starts with the morning assembly,where pupils compete in presenting different themes as a starter for a day full of credentials and information

Educational Activities:

There are different vital activities for the pupils to compete in, in order to develop their talents, they are:

Sports syndicate.
Arts & Theater syndicate

House Keeping syndicate:

where variety of foods is made.
Syndicate of Computer

Farms & Nursery syndicate

The School Library
• Plays a vital role in enriching vocabulary and developing patience and reading keenness.

The School Clinic :

The School Clinic is providing vaccines against the different child disease on regular base, besides providing the required medical care when needed, protecting the pupils, helping them growing in healthy atmosphere.

The School Gallery :

In the School Gallery, the school uniform is tailored, beige dress with beige pants.

The School Environment.
There are many greenextensive lawns

The Computer Lab: to deal with the recent technical teaching methodologies, provided with

computers and plasma screens for the practical applications.

1. The Science Lab
• School Transportation
Due to the big numbers of admitted pupils every year, the school transportation is providedin agreement with the parents according to the geographic locations.

• The school pupils participate in different academic competitions, where the school got many medals.

• 60% of the school graduates are now at Ahmed Bashier al-Abadi Secondary School

• The school is considered as the gate to excellence in Omdurman, where the percentage reached 99% in the year 1995 and 100% in 2012.