Department of Family Sciences

About the Department

The department of Family Science was established by UNESCO in Faculty of Agriculture- University of Khartoum in 1966.

Then, it was moved to the Higher Institute of Teachers 1969, which was later affiliated to the University of Khartoum and became Faculty of Education in 1974.Family science specialization of Nutrition and Dietetics as a discipline is closely related to the daily life of family and society, that is, it provides specific information about nutritional requirements and standards for healthy and sick people and changes bad nutritional behaviors in different sections of society. The department offer Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics Master and PhD (By research) in the same discipline.

Head of Department's Message

Welcome to the Department of Family Sciences - Nutrition and Dietetics.

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics; is one of the leading academic departments at the University of Khartoum and works to enhance knowledge and contribute to the professional life of undergraduate and graduate students and seeks to serve the community in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics to be eligible for the promotion of the nutritional and health status of individuals and communities. In the light of science and with the multidisciplinary approaches provided by science, it aims to educate modern, ethical and highly endowed dietitians who plan and implement medical nutrition therapy by evaluating the nutritional habits of individuals and societies. The academic staff members of the department are highly experienced and pioneer in their field. The department has received  many awards and certificates of honor, and an estimated number of researches are published annually in prestigious international journals dealing with various research areas including Dietetics, micronutrients, nutrition of vulnerable groups, nutrition education, community nutrition, obesity research and food microbiology, as well as participating in various scientific activities and events such as conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses internally and abroad. The department contributes to spreading food awareness through various media and community activities.


Dr. Almojtaba AbdAlkhalig Ahmed Bakheet

Head of the Department


Contribute effectively to the enhancement of Nutrition and Dietetics of the community through the qualification of human resources, providing advisory services, exchanging experiences with partners, creating an environment for excellence in scientific research, deepening knowledge and dissemination.


Excellence in teaching, learning, scientific research and community service in the fields of Nutrition and dietetics for good health and well-being.

The Objectives of the Department

The department aims to graduatedistinguished cadres with high scientific and research skills and capable of carrying out their tasks with highprofessionalism.

  • To graduate Nutritionists and Dieticians.
  • To prepare graduates with leadership skills with the ability to communicate and work with a multidisciplinary team
  • To provide students sufficient knowledge about dietary choices that will improve health and disease prevention.
  • To graduate students with skills in managing human and material resources in order to improve the nutritional care for different individuals and community groups.
  • To prepare a graduate with the skill of applying research methods and scientific evidence to study problems related to nutrition in the health and disease situations.
  • To instill the values of respect for the profession and taking responsibility related to the field of healthy nutrition and treatment.




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