Department of Special Education

About the Department

Federal ministry of education has established the unit of special education in 1982 to plan for educating those with special needs.

The ministry of education in Khartoum state followed it by establishing the directorate of special education in 2002, which purpose was to organize the efforts in the fields of special education. Besides, recently, the ministry of education in the state has involved in planning to establish schools for gifted students, and to introduce that, it held a discussion about the education and patronage of gifted pupils in Sudan (2004). Likewise, the administration of the University of Khartoum and the council of faculty of education have responded to the call of Sudanese society to fulfill its ambitions and to provide trained cadres in different fields of special needs groups with distinguished high quality education programs that can be model for other universities.

To achieve that purpose, the department formed scholarly committee to design programs of special education. The committee has taken the experiences of Arab universities such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arab Republic of Egypt and experiences of western universities such as United States of America. The department prepared its first academic calendar in 2007, which was modified and revised till it became ready for students’ admission. A number of professors majored in the fields of special education were appointed into the department. The first batch of students was admitted into department in2013/2014 and graduated in 2018/2019.

Statement of Head Department

On behalf of my colleagues in the department of special education at faculty of Education University of Khartoum, it is my pleasure and honor to warmly welcome you our visitors to the department’s webpage.  I hopethat you find in it an adequate introduction to our department, its vision, mission, objectives and programs. The admission of students started in 2013/2014, and it is considered the first department of special education in Sudanese universities. It was followed by the number of departments in other universities, which benefited from the experiences of University of Khartoum in the preparation of special education teachers.


    Dr. Huda Fadlallah Ali

   Head of the department

Vision of Department

The department aspires to pioneer the field of special education in order to improve the attitudes of society towards the needs of disabled groups, and to improve educational opportunities, equipment, services that support the needs of disabled groups and their families.

Mission of Department

The department pioneers to prepare special education teachers, who are capable of providing distinguished educational, psychological services to various groups of special needs and their families in light of local, regional and international experiences.

The objectives of Department

The department of special education aims to:

1.  Qualify students academically, educationally and professionally to teach at educational institutions specialized in special needs pupils/groups.

2.  Provide counseling services for individuals and families to deal with groups of special needs.

3.  Provide consultations/guidance related to special education to the parties require them.

4.  Conduct studies in the area of special education.

5.  Organize training courses in special education for normal school teachers in order to prepare them to deal with special needs groups in their normal classes.

6.  Organize training courses to the families of special needs children to provide them with information, skills and attitudes that assist them to deal with their children.

7.  Coordinate with all institutions specialized in the education of special needs groups, and to have scholarly relationships with similar regional and international institutions.

8.  Provide postgraduate programs in diploma, Master and PhD in the field of special education.

Members of the department