Department of Geography

About the Department

The department of geography was established in 1961 at the Higher Teachers’ Training Institute (HTTI). The aim was to qualify

teachers of geography for secondary schools. It continued to fulfill the mission even after the affiliation of HTTI to the University of Khartoum in 1974, which became the faculty of education. The department had graduated many teachers of geography who worked inside and outside Sudan and others have worked in governmental positions unrelated to teaching. In addition, distinguished staff members have worked in the department, who adequately participated in curricula design for general education and administrative work at the University of Khartoum and other governmental departments. They have also chiefly participated in scientific research where some have been promoted to the status of a full professor.

Head of the Department Statement

On behalf of the staff members, it is my pleasure as the head of department to welcome the visitors to the department’ s page that exceeded sixty years of coming into being, during this time, it had enriched scientific and work life in Sudan by its graduates and staff members. I wish the visitors find this webpage useful.

With respect and sincerity

Dr. Abdel Mahmoud Ali Mohammed Jouhaina

Head of the Department

The Department Mission

The department uses advanced teaching, technical and applied mediums to train and qualify student teachers of geography to work in general education and other related jobs to their specialization.

The Department Vision

This distinguished department owns scientific mediums, which enables it to meet present and future requirements.

The Department Objectives

1. To meet present and future requirements of the educational and research processes in general and higher education.

2. To prepare qualified cadres who can support educational process in Sudan.

3. To cope with emerging modern educational processes.


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