Department of Foundations of Education & Educational Administration

About the Department

The department of foundations of education and educational administration was founded alongside other educational departments

since the establishment of Higher Teachers’ Institute in 1961, and the institute was formally affiliated to the University of Khartoum with the name faculty of education in 1974, and since that time the department has continuously contributed in achieving the objectives of faculty and its mission and in completing its programs in alignment with the preparation of teachers professionally and educationally for secondary school education through teaching various faculty requirements, which are considered compulsory for students in all academic departments. In the beginning of nineties, and after transforming the programs of primary education teachers’ preparation from ministry of education to university faculties of education, the department has continuously undertaken its activities in those primary school programs in the faculty. The department was named educational philosophy and its history, later the name shifted into the foundations of education and then to the department of foundations of education and educational administration in 2015. The department has various Master’s programs by research in history of education, foundations of education and educational administration. It also has PhD programs in foundations of education, history of education in Sudan and educational administration.

Statement of Head Department

Department of foundations of education and educational administration is one of the most important departments in the faculty of education, and its mission is represented in preparing students scientifically, practically and professionally by providing them with knowledge-based skills and developing their critical thought and research skills. The department also corporates with other academic departments by providing courses at undergraduate level. As the result of knowledge explosion and technological advancement, the department encounters various problems, and therefore, its aim is to upgrade its educational, teaching and professional performance by updating and developing courses to cope with technological and information developments taking into account the postgraduate studies at the level of Master and PhD programs, and to direct conferences and researches to produce modern educational knowledge that can be used to tackle real educational issues that face education in particular and education system in general. To achieve that, we need to be honest in work and loyal to mission, ethical and pioneer in building values of righteousness, goodness and virtue.


Dr. Banaga Taha Elzubair Hussen

Head of the department


Educational, research and community excellence, and seeks quality and sustainable educational development at local and international level in the fields of foundations of education and educational administration that can meet the needs of job market.


The department aims to prepare qualified and professional cadres in the educational fields, and to conduct scientific studies and to provide educational services and consultancies for individuals, institutions and communities.


The department seeks to achieve the followings:

1. Provides students with educational and scientific skills and knowledge.

2. Prepares teachers, who are familiar with regulations and ethics of teaching profession, and with foundations and principles that education rests upon.

3. Prepares distinguished educational leaders in the fields of educational leadership and policy based on modern theories and practices.

4. Develops research capacity and performance of teaching staff in the department.

5. Conducts groundbreaking scientific research to address problems of educational leadership and policy.

6. Serves community and reinforces partnership with its institutions.

7. Designs research map based on field study prepared by the department to serve educational research in Sudan as general.

8. Builds effective partnership with local, regional and international research and educational institutions.

9. Improves teaching and learning, and offers high quality education.

10. Provides professional training for teachers and principals in teaching institutions.

Core Values of the Department

The department centralizes the values that emanate from the University of Khartoum and faculty of education, and it works on circulating them among students and staff academically and administratively as follows.

1. Pioneering and excellence

2. Clarity and transparency

3. Responsibility, commitment and quality

4. Democracy, justice and equality

5. Institutionalization, professionalism and expertise

6. Academic and administrative honesty and integrity