Educational Psychology

About the Department

Since the sixties of the last century the department of psychology was established with the early establishment of the Institute of

Teacher Education in 1972. Four years later the department became pioneering in the field in Sudan by help of teachers who were trained outside Sudan and who contributed in developing the discipline and establishing it developing research in child psychology, psychological guidance and psycho-assessment.

Head of the Department Statement

On behalf of the department staff I welcome you dear visitor on the department webpage and I hope you find it of use regarding the department, department’s programs and the teaching staff.

With respect and sincerity


      Dr. FadlAlmawla Abdelradi

       Head of the Department

The Department Mission

The Department of Educational Psychology seeks to be one of the leading departments and supportive to Educational Institutions in the surrounding community through:

  • Providing quality learning; that merge both class activities and outclass activities and promoting scientific and innovative research. As well as an educational environment to enable students to contribute in finding and collecting information to sort out any educational issues.
  • Cooperate with the community to promote psycho-education by specialized technical programs and services.

The Department Vision

The department seeks to be efficient and active element in developing the educational process in all psycho-educational fields. It also seeks to pioneer in the field of basic and applied sciences and improving the academia and the community by graduating competitive and highly qualified cadres who are capable of contributing in creativity, distinction, and improving in terms of knowledge and education. As well as improving the psycho-educational performance in all aspects of the learning process.

The Department Objectives

  • Introducing the faculty students particularly those who study in the department and teach them the basics, fields, branches, and theories of psychology.
  • Introducing students to practical and theoretical tenets of psychology.
  • Study Islamic concepts in education psychology.
  • Developing students research ability in the issues of education and learning.
  • Developing students’ ability in providing psychological counseling and guidance.
  • Preparing qualified cadre in psychological guidance and counseling in accordance with the values and culture of the society.
  • Increase students’ awareness through introducing them to what other international scholars have done in the field.
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