Department of Chemistry

About the Department

The department of chemistry was established in 1961, which was the same year that Higher Teachers Training Institute was founded.

The first batch graduated from the department in 1965 with a diploma. When the institute affiliated to the University of Khartoum in 1974, it became known as the department of chemistry, and then it awarded a bachelor’s degree. It aims to prepare students academically and educationally to work in general schools. The department has several laboratories for teaching different branches of chemistry, namely organic chemistry lab, inorganic lab, analytical chemistry lab and physical chemistry lab as well as the research laboratory for graduate students (Master& PhD).

Statement of Head Department

There is no doubt that the mission of education is noble and supreme. In our department, it is undertaken by distinguished teachers whom I am very pleased to express my gratitude and respect to all of them. My thanks are also due to the technicians and workers in the department for the role they play to achieve the objectives of the department. To master the work and to keep updated to the scientific and technological development, the department’s webpage has been created to set the department towards internationalization.


 Dr. Eljali Elobeid Elhassan Ahmed

   Head of the department

The Vision of Department

The department is interested in the preparation of undergraduate students professionally in the way that combines knowledge and scientific skills required to enable them to meet the needs of modern society, and to investigate modern knowledge in different areas of chemistry. In so doing, the department can contribute in the preparation of qualified teachers with best future jobs.

The mission of Department

The department aims to qualify undergraduate and postgraduate students to work in the field of teaching chemistry in public and higher education and in the field of chemical manufactures as well. To achieve that mission, the department applies modern methods of teaching and laboratories for physical, inorganic, organic and analytical chemistry as well as laboratory for research.

Objectives of the Department

1. Prepares teachers of chemistry, who are specialized theoretically and scientifically in the field of chemistry to work in public and higher education.

2. Cooperates with governmental educational institutes to provide scientific consultation.

3. Conducts scientific activities (symposiums & lectures) in order to disseminate scientific and educational awareness in the society, and to keep abreast with modern scientific and educational findings.

4. Undertakes studies and awards, Master and PhDin chemistry.

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