Department of Instructional Technology

About the Department

The department of Instructional l Technology of faculty of Education university of Khartoum is one of the first departments

at the Sudanese universities. It was once called the department of audio visual aids but from 1990 it was named department of Instructional technology. In cooperation with other departments, it contributes in professionally preparing students teachers in terms of teaching/learning aids and technology.

Head of the Department Statement

In behalf of the department staff members, I am pleased to welcome you in the department webpage. Instructional technology is one of the educational fields that keep growing so as to achieve better learning outcomes. Besides, it depends on theory and practice to sort out the issues that face learners.


Dr. Olash Abdalraheem Albsheir Hewary

Head of the Department


The Department Mission

The department contributes in qualifying educational cadres capable of dealing with contemporary issues and changes. It also conducts research in the field of Instructional Technology so as to develop the community.

The Department Vision

The department seeks to pioneer in the field of Instructional Technology. It also seeks to graduate distinguished professional and educational leaders capable of sorting out the issues that come in the way of education and educational training.

The Department Objectives

The department seeks to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Introducing the concept of Instructional Technology both in theory and practice and using it in designing educational processes and resources as well as evaluating and developing them.
  • Disseminating the culture of technology and adopting it in instruction.
  • Training student teachers on designing and using teaching/learning materials, and resources particularly from locally available materials.
  • Equip student teachers with technical knowledge and skills of using educational equipments and the related teaching/learning materials.

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