About Educaitonal Research Center

About The Educational Research Center

Scientific research is considered an optimal path to acquire knowledge and to discover solutions to phenomena and problems that surround human being in this universe. It is an approach that enables us to obtain new knowledge or addition to what have been achieved through scientific research; based on clear, organized and limited scientific methodology.

 In the current era, there has been a growing interest in scientific research at global, regional and national level, based on sound certainty that it is a pathway for countries and communities to reach to the sophistication, development and civilization advancement by taking the advantage of knowledge it provides for improving all developmental fields. Therefore, scientific research is an essential function of all higher education institutions, beside other two jobs of teaching and community service. It has become necessary to disseminate the culture of scientific research and to acquaint tertiary student with its skills.

Faculty of education is considered one of the educational institutions that meant to address educational issues in society in order to contribute in the acceleration of development process in the country. To play that effective role, it must conduct scientific researches to determine those problems and to set suitable development plans, this comes in the time that the University of Khartoum generally and the Faculty of Education in particular are in desperate need to find partnerships with national, regional and international educational research centers. Hence, there must be educational research center to meet the ambitions of university and faculty and to set up scientific plans and strategies to study those issues and to suggest appropriate solutions for them.  Also, the establishment of this center has become necessary to develop educational research, which can contribute in finding solutions to current and future problems, beside its contribution in professional development of teaching staff in the fields of scientific educational research. 

 The Establishment of educational research center at the faculty of education, University of Khartoumhas followed the footsteps of many prestigious regional universities such as, Educational Research Center at the University of Taiba, Educational & Psychological Research Center at the University of Qatar, Educational & Psychological Research Center at the University of Baghdad, Research Center at the Faculty of Education, King Saud University, Educational & Psychological Research Center at the Faculty of Education University of Om-Elgura and in other European and American universities.