A Historical Background

  • In 1968 the institute was academically affiliated to the University of Khartoum upon an agreement between the university and the Ministry of Education, wherein the supervision was assigned to the university’s staff council. The institute started to grant the academic degrees since 1971, whereas the administrative and financial supervision was still under the responsibility of the ministry of education. In 1974, the institute was completely affiliated to the University of Khartoum and became the Faculty of Education. All responsibilities and properties of Higher Teachers’ Institute were assigned to it. In 1994, the Institute of Elementary School Teachers (IEST) and the College of Female Teachers were affiliated to the Faculty of Education under a presidential decree (No.65). The aim was to train and qualify basic school teachers after being awarded a bachelor of honors in basic education.
  • Currently, the faculty awards a bachelor of honor in science and arts in education after completing (170) credit hours of study terms. It also offers (diploma, MA, PhD) for postgraduate students in different disciplines.