Department of Arabic Language

About the Department

The department of Arabic language is considered a central department in the faculty of education; its establishment is

associated with Higher Institute for Teachers’ Training in the beginnings of sixties in the last century. The department is still fulfilling its mission just like other departments in the faculty. During this long period, it graduated thousands of Arabic language teachers, who have worked inside Sudan in primary and secondary schools as well as outside Sudan in different educational levels around the world. In addition, a number of its graduates have worked as professors of Arabic language in Sudanese universities and in other regional and international universities.

Head of the Department Statement

As the head of department, it is my pleasure to warmly welcome all visitors of the department page. We are very pleased that you have taken time to visit it. The department of Arabic language admits a huge number of students in undergraduate (honors) programs of secondary and basic education. It also offers Master’s and PhD programs for postgraduate students. Since its establishment, the department has continuously contributed in the service of society with various and effective methods. In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to the University of Khartoum and faculty of education for their continuous support to the department. I would also like to thank the teaching staff for their effortless service to the department and Arabic language.


Dr. Elmoukashfi Ibrahim Abd alla Mohammed

Head of the Department

 The Department Mission

The mission of department represents in the dissemination of Arabic language through teaching it to speakers of other languages, by preparing specialized cadres in Arabic language and its literature, who are well-qualified to teach it and to serve language, Islam, and the society.

The Department Vision

The department aspires to the pioneering in the teaching of Arabic and its literature in the way that reinforces its novelty, supports its updatedness to cope with the emerging modernity in the era and contributes in investigating archaic Arabic heritage to benefit from it in the modern studies.

The Department Objectives

Through its programs, the department aims at achieving a number of objectives.

1. To instill the love of Arabic language in the hearts of students.

2. To develop students’ linguistic capacities, literary talents and critical appreciation.

3. To prepare teachers for teaching Arabic language in different educational levels inside and outside Sudan.

4. To awaken awareness in the necessity of pride and resurgence of Arabic language.

5. To serve society in the way that supports its solidarity and development.

6. To acquaint students with authentic Arabic heritage through investigating its manuscripts and disseminating it.

7. To disseminate Arabic language through teaching it to speakers of other languages.

8. To carry out groundbreaking scientific research in all areas of Arabic language at both Master and PhD degrees, publish research articles and write books in different aspects of the discipline.

 Staff of Arabic Language