Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods

About the Department

The department of curricula has a vital position among various departments in the faculty. It is considered the backbone of teaching and learning

process, due to its effective contribution in the preparation and qualification of teachers through its courses and training programs. It enables teachers and students to participate positively and to adapt with its changing and different roles imposed by contemporary changes. These changing roles include educational, administrative, social and human roles as well as the role of teacher to fulfill development in its scientific and civilized concept. It is the first department in the faculty to offer postgraduate programs such as Diploma, Master and PhD, which started in the mid of seventies in the last century.

Head of the Department Statement

The department of curricula and teaching methods is characterized by its uniqueness in providing various educational programs with special nature include preparation of primary and secondary teachers across disciplines. It also contributes in the achievement of vision, mission and objectives of faculty by collaborating with ministry of education to activate the programs of teaching practice which the department supervises. Additionally, it is keen to fulfill the continuous and professional development of teaching staff and to participate in the production of groundbreaking scientific research related to current educational issues. It also cooperates with the administration of faculty to double efforts in serving society.


 Dr. Khalid Eltayb Mohammed Ahmed

Head of the Department

The Department Mission

Distinction and pioneering in educational research and in the preparation and training of teachers based on modern international and local educational systems.

The Department Vision

The department aspires to prepare both primary and secondary school teachers in partnership with other educational and academic departments in the faculty based on total quality standards of education. In order to achieve that, it provides practical and educational programs that aim at graduating well-qualified teachers in the fields of teaching, scientific research and community service.

The Department Objectives

The department aims at achieving the following objectives.

  • Provide students with knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and methods of thinking in the field of curricula and teaching methods.
  • Train students/teachers on practical teaching in training schools.
  • Contribute in the development of curriculum and teaching methods and in enhancing teaching methods in basic and secondary schools levels.
  • Participate in research and studies to investigate the problems and issues of education and to provide consultations in this aspect.
  • Work towards achieving the objectives of the faculty of education.
  • Cooperate with all educational institutions and corporations through connecting services that the department provides with the needs of society and its future plans.




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