A Historical Background

  • In November 1954, the government of Sudan invited in an international committee to investigate the reform and expansion of general education, and in 1955, the committee reported to the minister of education recommending the establishment of an institute for training teachers to overcome the shortage of teachers in secondary schools.  Read more.
About us
About us

Vision and Mission

The faculty Vision:

The faculty seeks to be academically distinguished in learning and education both nationally and internationally.

The faculty Mission:

The mission of faculty is to provide distinguished academicprograms in the fields of education and learning and to provideongoing training and research in the related fields so as to effectively contribute in community service.

The faculty Objectives

  • Preparing and qualifying student teachers academically and professionally to work in schools, kindergartens,and the others educational institutes.
  • Providing learners with knowledge, skills, values, and thinking techniques.
  • Contributing in the development of curricula and teaching methods.
  • Conducting research and studies on learning and education across different disciplines in the faculty.
  • Qualifying, training and improving competence of teachers and of those who work in the field of education.
  • Giving more attention to the fields of preschools, special education, semi-formal education, home science, and adult education.
  • Providing training and educational service to the other faculties of the university and to the faculties of other universities and educational institutes.
  • Providing training and educational services to the staff.
  • Collaborating with other faculties of education and the ministry of education to investigate issues that face education and to provide consultation and services.
  • Taking care of the local environment through the suitable educational programs and activities.
  • Working on realizing the objectives of education of Sudan.