Department of Pre-School

 About the Department

The study and interest in the field of pre-school education are the most important indicators of the advancement of communities, and are part of the

criteria on which the civilization and nations are measured. Also, the interest in the field of childhood is an urgent necessity imposed by modern scientific and technical challenge that developing nations face, and the children represent important human resource that nations depend on to complete their future missions and to transform their civilization to the coming generations. To cope with the developments occurred in the field of early childhood in the world, Sudan issued a decree in 1990, which states that pre-school education should be considered an essential stage in educational calendar in order to meet early childhood needs such as care, education and upbringing. In alignment with this decree, the board of faculty of educationin 2004 recommended the establishment of special department for pre-school education. Notably, the specialization of pre-school education was embedded under the umbrella of family science and health and clinical nutrition. However, the department of pre-school became independent in 2010.

Statement of Head Department

It is my pleasure to welcome you at the department of pre-school and the faculty of Education University of Khartoum. The department of pre-school is one of the science and educational departments thatplays unique and distinguished role in the faculty. The department aims to graduate teachers who are scientifically, educationally and professionally qualified in the fields of pre-school education, and capable to compete in job market and to participate in offering research and educational services to the society in the fields of childhood and its issues with planned and scientific method. Its significance lies in the pre-school education stage, in which child personality is formed, his capacities are developed, his talents are discovered, and in which the child is directed and acquainted with good habits and values of society and trained to practice positive behaviors. In this stage children are also prepared for the other educational stages that follow. The department of pre-school has distinguished and qualified teaching staff. It also offers four academic programs; Bachelor, diploma, Master and PhD.


Educational and academic excellence and achievement ofscientific and societal development in the field of childhood


To prepare teachers who are scientifically, professionally and educationally qualified and well-trained in the field of pre-school education by providing academic programs for students to be able to compete in scientific and educational domains, and to participate in providing research and educational services to the community.


1.  Prepares and qualifies students to be academically, professionally and educationally successful teachers in the field of kindergarten education.

2. Familiarizes students with civilizational and spiritual values and problems related to the basics of child education and early childhood period.

3. Qualifies student in the field of educational environment and human sciences which meant with child care, development, upbringing and education in early childhood.

4. Trains teachers professionally in the field of pre-school education.

5. Focuses on issues of societal development through the conduct of applied and theoretical studies in the field of pre-school education.

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