Department of Physics

About the Department

The department of physics is one of the first departments established at The High Institute of Teachers in Omdurman in 1961. The institute was later

joined to the University of Khartoum in 1974 and became the faculty of education. In this long period of time the department graduated thousands of physics teachers who worked in schools inside and outside Sudan. Moreover, a number of its graduates joined the institutes of Higher Education as teaching staff, researchers, consultants and managers both nationally and internationally.

The department awards bachelor of honors in science and education in five years period. The awardees either choose to work as secondary school teachers or pursue higher studies so as to joint universities as teaching staff. The teaching staff of the department also engages in teaching physics to other departments of science and to the faculty’s program for preparing basic school teachers, who get the qualification in physics and science in five years as well.

Regarding postgraduate studies, the department awards Master of Science in physics (by research) and a Doctorate of Philosophy in physics (by research). A taught diploma for non- physics major and MA are currently under preparation and will be approved by the university’s academic affairs in the near future.

The department staff members are a group of elite academicians whose contributions are published in international journals. Besides their teaching and supervisory responsibilities at the department they also contribute in other universities by undertaking academic reforms, thesis supervision evaluation and editing as well as scientific papers editing in the field of physics.

Head of the Department Statement

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the department’s webpage.  It is an honor to be one of the staff members of this department which has great contributions in the field of physics. The department staff members exert a great effort in delivering the faculty’s academic programs and their objectives. They present the learning.

      ALC Workshop 2011 118

Dr. ِAbdelrhman Yousif Mohmmed

     Head of the Department

The Department Mission

The department mission is to prepare and qualify cadres with specialization in Physics and its teaching at different levels of education. It also seeks to prepare researchers in the sub-disciplines of physics, who are capable of contributing in scientific research to cope with contemporaries in science and to serve the community.

The Department Vision

The department aspires to pioneer in teaching and research in physics. It also supports physics to cope with the contemporaries of science and technology.

The Department Objectives

The department seeks to fulfill the followingbjectives:

  • Developing students’ skills in learning physics.
  • Preparingteachers of physics to work at different levels of education nationally and internationally.
  • Simplifying the methods of teaching physics to be easy and interesting for learners.
  • Conducting groundbreaking research in physics and to publish scientific work in physics.
  • Contributing in the training of in-service teachers of physics and teachers of science.
  • Giving consultations and providing other related department of sciences with experience regarding the teaching of physics.
  • Serving the community in a way that supports its appreciation of science and scientists.


Staff of Physics Department