Educational Psychology

About the Department

Department o f Educational psychology is one of central and earlier established Departments at the faculty of education as applied

psychology department. Its establishment is associated with The High Institute of Teachers in 1961which was later became faculty of education and joined to University of Khartoum 1972, To be the first department of psychology in the Sudanese universities. During this long period, it graduated thousands of graduates who worked as counselors, university staff members, and researchers inside and outside the country.

Head of the Department Statement

It’s my pleasure with my colleagues to visit our webpage……… The Educational Psychology department  we focuses on preparing Educational Psychologists who have strong theoretical, conceptual, and practical ties to educational psychology, and who also possess exceptional skills in the area of measurement, statistics, assessment, and research methodology.We pride ourselves in preparing graduate and undergraduate students for positions as university professors, researchers, and counseling psychologists, as well as testing, measurement and evaluation specialists. We prepare students for professional positions not only in educational academic institutions but also in a variety of public and private agencies in positions as policy makers, education advisers, and research consultants. Our graduate in Educational Psychology reflects a collaborative apprenticeship model that encourages students to go beyond taking courses.

Our aim is to help educational psychology students to develop the knowledge, skills, and tools to be effective consumers and creators of educational research and to raise thoughtful questions that guide their inquiry...

Become a leader in the fields of teaching, learning, human development, and behavior in our Educational Psychology programs. Graduate-level researchers study how students think and learn the science of giftedness and creativity, quantitative methodology, cognitivepsychology, kindergarten psychological basic elementand the best practices in the field of school psychology.

By crafting personalized plans of study, we prepare students to be an educational researcher, theorist, or practitioner who works to serve diverse populations.


      Dr. Ikhlas Hassan Ashria

       Head of the Department

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The Department Mission


The Psychology Department staff provides leadership in the field of openness to applied scientific research in educational psychology

The Department Vision


High-quality preparation and qualification in all fields of educational psychology.

Our motto


Together, we offer scientific excellence by positively changing human behavior / through every educational institution.

Our principles

1.            Scientific Methodology

2.            Transparency

3.            Respect and acceptance of othersTeamwork

Our goals


1.            Preparing an outstanding student.

2.            Quality and mastery of the educational process.

3.            The formulation of a sober psychological educational thought.

4.            Competitive global openness5.  Settling cultural heritage.

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