Department of Biology

About the Department

The department of biology is one of the important departments in Faculty of Education University of Khartoum. It runs ten terms

under-graduate program of five years. By completing the credit hours, the graduates are granted Bachelor of Science in teaching biology. The courses taught in the program range from various sub-fields of biology such as: microbiology, biochemistry, botany, animal science and the environment. Academically, the department qualifies graduate students to obtain master by research and courses and PhD by research. It has experienced and well-qualified teaching staff with different academic status(professors, associate professors, assistant professors) as well as Lecturers and teaching assistants, who are doing their postgraduate studies both inside Sudan and in other countries.  They have different research and disciplinary interests in biology. The department also has technicians, laboratory technical assistants, lab technicians and workers, who offer help in some laboratory coursework. Significantly, the department has four laboratories; for animals, plant, microbiology and graduate studies, besides a nursery of diverse plant species for teaching some botany courses. The department also concerns with developing its student socially as well as enriching their research and discovery interests. In so doing, it takes them in scientific fieldtrips to some states (the RiverNile, the Red Sea and Sennar) in the final years.

Head of the Department Statement

On behalf ofthe staff members, I am pleased and honored to welcome you to the department’s webpage. The department of Biology is one of science departments at faculty of Education. It is concerned with the study of biology and all its sub-sciences that study microscopic, non-microscopic organisms, their relationship and the surrounding environment.

The Department grants Bachelor degree with Honor after completing the credit hours of program. It is interested to provide the community with distinguished graduates, who are academically qualified and skillful to enter labor market. The department also qualifies students for graduate studies. It grants Master and Doctor of philosophy in science (Biology). Last but not least, it has a group of elite professors whose scientific contributions are published in well known scientific journals. To conclude, I would like to express my gratitude to the department staff for their ongoing endeavors to fulfill the university’s objectives and visions regarding learning, e-learning and scientific research.


    Dr. Fareeda Adam

 Head of the Department

The Department Vision

It inspires to provide distinguished and high quality academic programs. Therefore, it is pioneering academic, professional and research fields to compete with regional and international universities.

The mission of Department

The department of biology aspires to provide high quality academic programs in all areas of biological sciences. It also aims at qualifying teachers and researchers, who have ability to keep abreast with modern scientific developments and to contribute in the dissemination of awareness and knowledge among all sections of society.

The department Objectives

The department of biology aims to

  • Prepare graduate teachers who are academically qualified in teaching biology at the secondary and basic schools.
  • Prepare a generation capable of contributing effectively in community.
  • Provide students with skills and academic information useful for professional manner.
  • Qualify students for various professions through conducting research inscientific trips.
  • Contribute in enriching the scientific research and studies in biology.
  • Provide postgraduate students with rich scientific material in biology in the higher diploma and taught master programs.

List of Staff members

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