Department of Adult Education

About the Department

The department of adult education was established at the seventies of the twentieth century. Since then it grants a diploma of Adult

Education and it has contributions in administration and academics of the college. The significance of the department emerges from its contribution in polarizing the concepts and contents of adult education locally, regionally and internationally and that adult education is not separable from life. Since the development of any community depends on what its children get from knowledge, then, adult education for each individual becomes a necessity and prerequisite for development and civilization. And the current challenges of civilization paved the way for adult education fields which are flexible, comprehensive, and amiable for change according to the community needs. Based on these facts the faculty of Education, university of Khartoum recommended that adult education should be a required course of three credit hours taught in all faculties BA programs of both basic and general education.

Head of the Department Statement

It is my pleasure to welcome you in the department webpage and I hope you find it useful. Education and it systems is regarded as one of the essential issues that requires frequent study and improvement so as to face the challenges that may immerge and stand in the way of the community building and development. Another educational issue that requires immediate intervention is adult education. Adult education is a central pillar in education process in its overall concept which aims at the continuity of lifelong education which in turn is a large field that comprises any oriented learning activity toward gaining knowledge, developing skill, or directing a behavior, and contributing in shaping the human selfness within a social context that grant active contribution in the society.

Since there was insufficient access to education at different levels, it was necessary to find appropriate alternatives to reduce the knowledge gap created by unequal opportunities, which in turn might reflect negative impacts on the structure, growth and development of society, as planned. Adult education programmes have therefore been of great importance in alleviating the problems of lack of educational opportunities, in their attempt to find solutions and preserve rights through various programmes in various fields of adult education; with a view to developing the individual and creating the values of the active citizen by instilling the values of co-operation, promoting a sense of belonging, and thereby promoting public thought in a way that serves the society to cope with changes surrounding and affecting it. Since keeping up with the world is important then it is necessary to develop plans for continuing education and to ensure that they are implemented in order to ensure the safety and sustainability of both the individual and society. The department has several contributions in this regard, as it contributes to the dissemination of adult education through its various programmes at the bachelor and graduate levels. It prepares students from all disciplines in the faculties both programs of basic and secondary education in the field of adult education. And provide them with the necessary skills; to be able to build and develop their societies by spreading science, modifying certain patterns of misbehaviour, correcting ideas and beliefs that impede the movement of progress and the development of society.  In addition, the department has been active in the training and training of leaders working in the field of adult education at the level of higher diploma, master's degree and doctorate. The department teaching staff has many scientific contributions in various local, regional and global forums concerned with adult education issues, believing in their importance and in pursuit of the goal of the University and faculty in the area of community service and social justice. To conclude I would like to express my gratitude to the university and faculty administration for their ongoing support for developing the faculty, and I would like to thank my department staff for the effort they exert in educating the Sudanese personality.


Dr. Shireen Mohamed Ahmed

    Head of the department

The Department Mission

The department mission is to raise the community awareness of the importance of adult education and its role in the overall development and the community prosperity.

The Department Vision

The department seeks to make contributions in developing the Sudanese community according to the local, regional and international changes so as prosper economically and culturally.

The Department Objectives

The department seeks to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Prepare students in the field of adult education in a way that enable them to be leaders in the field beside their specialization.
  • Qualifying leaders in the field of adult education so as to increase their knowledge and improve career capacity.
  • Training those who work in the field improve their career efficiency in terms of how to treat adults.
  • Contribute in developing the community and rebuild its setting so as to encourage individuals to continue learning.
  • Spreading the culture of adult education and raise the community awareness of the importance of education in developing the community.
  • Supporting the university regarding community service through cooperating with the concerned organizations of education and health.
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