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Higher Education And Development Requirements In The Sudan :Past and Future

Dr. Isam El Dein Berair Adam

Assoc .Prof. Faculty of Education

Islamic University                                                           Click here to download




Trends For Students About Applying of Instructional Technology Education In Distance Learning Programs

Dr. Mahdi Said Mahmoud                                           Click here to download





Improving The Arabic Calligraphy And Its Impact In The Promotion Of Reading And The Development Of Technical


Abilities Of Basic Education Pupils


Dr. Yassir Mohammed Mahjoub Hamad Elsseed
Assistant Professor
Department of Art Education- Faculty of Education University of Khartoum

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The Efficiency Of Virtual Electronic Laboratories On Secondary Schools Students Performance In physics Experiments.

Dr. Abd Elmoneim Abdeen Mohamed Nour
Assistant professor
Faculty of Education
Al – Baha University                                                      

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The Effectiveness Of Continuous Formative Evaluation Tools In Islamic Education Subject In Basic Education At Muscat And Batnah Regions Of Sultanate Of Oman As Viewed By Supervisors And Teachers


Dr. Ahmed Yousif Abdelraheem                                                   Abdallah Hamad Alghafry

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Tools For Safety And Security In Petroleum Service Stations In Sudan Towns
Case Study: Omdurman Locality

Dr. Mohammed ABU AL Hasan Al Gasim

Faculty of Arts– Al Imam AL Mahdi University           Click here to download



Interculturality VS Foreign Languages Learning In A Sudanese Context


Department Head of French- Faculty of education – University of Khartoum.

Department Head of French – College of Languages – Sudan University of Science and Technology.

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The final report and recommendations of the faculty of education converence

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أثر برنامج تعمم ذاتي مقترح لمنهج الخب ا رت بمرحمة التعميم قبل


المدرسة لتنمية الذكاءات المتعددة: حالة مؤسسة الخرطوم لمتعميم


د. إخلاص حسن السيد عشرية
كمية التربية - جامعة الخرطو


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