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Department of Instructional Technology

The Department of Instructional Technology at the Faculty of Education, University of Khartoum, one of the oldest sections of educational Sudanese universities, it has been called in the past, Department of audio-visual aids. After 1990 was changing the name of the section to Instructional Technology. Contribute section with other sections in the preparation of educational student teacher at the Faculty of Education professionally in the field of media and technology education. As well as the section of the activities and events inside and outside the college.

Department seeks to achieve the following objectives:
(Instructional Technology) - comprehensive concept contemporary definition of educational technology, theory and application in the design of processes and resources, development and evaluation.
- Dissemination of technical culture and adopt employ educational technologies traditional or modern in university teaching.
- Training students in methods of production and use of educational materials and resources in general and sources of the local environment in particular.
- Provide students with the knowledge and technical skills concerning use of educational devices and associated educational materials.
Gives the section a master's degree and doctorate in education (Instructional Technology).
Some activities and events section: -
1 - To contribute to the preparation of the student, Faculty of Education professionally even be able to practice teaching-learning process efficiently and effectively.
2 - supervise graduate students in the field of public education and the means and technology education in particular.
3 - Active participation in committees and various college activities.
4 - Cooperation continuously with Forums university.
5 - a partnership with the departments of education different localities through lectures and training courses for general education teachers.
6 - create channels of communication with some private organizations and institutions with regard to the training of its employees on the effective use of educational means.

Dr. Awatif Esmail Adam Alhariry


Assistant professor & Head of department
Mobile: 0915700047

Dr. Esam Idris Kamtor Alhassan

Associate professor
Email: esamkalhassan@hotmail.com
Mobile: Zain; 0914005281, Sudani: 0124214028

Dr. Hala Ibrahim Hassan Ahmed

Assistant professor
Email: halaibrahim19@yahoo.com
Mobile: 0121007480


Nijood Khalid Abd Allah Humeida

Position : Lecturer
Phone : 0912904252
E-mail : ngoode@hotmail.com

Hesham Abd Alwahed Elssunni

Position : Lecturer
Phone : 0122609440
E.mail : hesham@uofk.edu

Olasha Bdalrheem Albasheir Hewary

Teaching Assistant
Email: olashabdu2012@gmail.com
Mobile: Zain; 0907030113, Sudani: 0115904496


Hala Ebrahim Sluman

Teaching Assistant
Email: halaabdelaziz718@yahoo.com
Mobile: 0128056496