Department of Physical Education

 Departments of Physical modern that were created at the University of Khartoum , which was passed by the meeting of the Council of Professors No. ( 287 ) dated 12/19/1999 AD and received the first batch of Diarchy 2005 Section disease study system for four years and is now moving system five years ( Academic reform ) .
  Section gives Diarchy of undergraduate students after completion ( 180 credit hours) , Bachelor of Education in honor and Physical Education, and is a section of its graduates to teach in various stages of education , and in the field of supervision and management of sports and fitness in the relevant institutions and others.
 Objectives :
 - Preparation of a physical education teacher education and training to be a teacher Rsalia .
 - Rehabilitation of the physical education teachers for general education , organizing training courses in coordination with the Ministries of Education and the state .
 - Enrich the outcome of scientific and technical research in the areas of education and physical education .
 - Contribute to the provision of technical consultancy for the bodies and units that request it in the field of physical education facility.
 - To contribute to the dissemination of culture and sports awareness athlete among community members , particularly young people , and collaborates with many sectors in society through college to achieve the mission of the university in the service of the community, where he works to spread awareness about sports and health to know the benefits of physical activity and its impact in raising the level of functional efficiency and increase productivity and enjoyment of physical and mental health and leisure investment , also seeks to correct misconceptions in the field of physical education and sports , as well as trying to solve the problems of physical education and sport by conducting scientific studies and research .
 - Prepare a specialist in physical education and related fields , familiar with basic knowledge of the science of movement , health and recreation to work in the fields of education and to regulate the management of sports and recreation in the bodies and work in institutions that cares for the youth, health services and sports special categories .
 - Preparation of the student movement in the areas of science , health and science , and sports psychology , and provide educational and biological sciences that will help him in the study and understanding of human behavior and movement.

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